My formula for reading more

December 20, 2015

When I decided to read more?

Until six months ago I read between 1 and 5 books per year. I usually read books which helped me at work.
On 19th of June together with my wife we were heading to a city break holiday. On holidays I have more time to read and I usually bring a book or my kindle with me. I've picked the book . . .

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Use data and intuition to run software products

method and practices for adding data to your decisions

December 15, 2015

Complexity and shortcuts

Brena Zimmerman and Sholom Glouberman who are studying the science of complexity have said that there are three kinds of problems in the world: simple, complicated and complex ones:

  • simple problems might be something similar with baking a cake where you have a recipe which you need to follow. . . .

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